About Me

Here’s the official stuff: I was born in Bairnsdale, Victoria, in 1966, live in Hampton, Victoria, and hold an Executive Master of Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

And my day job: I work for a global company that specialises in manufacturing through to retailing. Over the last 20 years, I have have worked for many of Australia’s most recognised retail companies as a management consultant or an executive manager.

And the history interest: In 2003, I visited the Great War battlefields in France and Belgium to retrace the steps of my great-uncles, who had fought there. The experience led me to question the many ‘truths’ that have developed around the Anzac legend. The result was the writing of Pozières, which re-examines the battle of Pozières and the Anzac legend.

And when not writing? Running with Strava, cycling, running with Strava, surfing badly, running with Strava, and untangling sentences.